Good isn't enough. We wanted to offer our clients the very best content management system. And that's exactly what we've created.

TJ Stalcup, Point & Clique Product Manager

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Point & Clique Version 6:

  • Completely browser–based for controlling your website's data from anywhere online
  • Drag-and-drop customization
  • Customize content with Word–like text editor
  • Built to support template needs for small and large scale projects
  • Spell check
  • Multi-platform support
  • Preview changes before you publish live
  • A brilliantly easy–to-use, intuitive interface
  • No extraneous fields–each deployment is made to match client–specific needs
  • Page creation via optimized code ensures fast load times
  • Inline calendar pop–up to set dates easily
  • Easily embed images, videos, audio and documents within narratives
  • Ordering control
  • Remote data storage
  • Integrated and online help

features that benefit everyone

Scalability & flexibility

a CMS that grows with you

Scalability & flexibility

Why wait for a developer to add a navigation element or new pages to your site? Point & Clique puts control back into your hands. Create unlimited pages, modify navigation elements or add a new section—all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Granular permission

you control security

Granular permission
  • Create multiple user accounts, each with its own login details, and permissions.
  • User permissions can be set to establish a workflow approval system (pending/approved/published).
  • Users can be established with flexible access levels.
  • Content publishing manager tracks which user made which change and when.

Document management

publish your best–draft the rest

Document management

A website is like any living-breathing thing. Over time, it will grow and evolve to adapt to its environment. As your site grows, pages will be added, deleted, updated and refined. Point & Clique makes it easy to manage and publish all your content with a single click.

Technical support

help section

Point & Clique comes stocked with help tools, like video tutorials and answers to common questions. You can also access your custom data map, user manual and report issues from the tool-bar at the bottom of each page.

Of course, if you ever need more help, our dedicated Service & Support Manager is only a phone call (or email) away.

What comes next is all gravy

As we further develop our product we will push out new features to you free of cost. Some features on our list are:

  • Image production and optimization
  • Integrated Google analytics
  • YouTube video embed support
  • Data export function
  • Blogging module
  • Multi-lingual support