Good isn't enough. We wanted to offer our clients the very best content management system. And that's exactly what we've created.

TJ Stalcup, Point & Clique Product Manager

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Enter content

Best-in-class interface

Enter Content

No matter how you cut it, entering content in a website is tedious work. But going through multiple steps with multiple clicks makes tedious work a nightmare. Version 6’s intuitive interface is easily learned and even easier to use.

Relate content

Less work, more flow

Relate Content

Prove your expert credentials with easy-to-relate articles, speeches, awards, etc. Make the organization shine and drive the reader deeper into your site with related content.

Optimize content

Get found!

Optimize Content

Optimizing your website is another chore made easier with SEO tools builts right into the content management system. Yes, you want your brilliant site design to be noticed, but you’ll never be noticed unless you get found.

Manage media content

Media made easy

Manage Media Content

Content is no longer defined as words. Now your content includes media in multiple forms—photography, illustration, videos, PDFs and other document types. V6 manages them all smoothly, allowing you to grow your media library in a central location.

Preview content

Yes, you did that right!

Preview Content

What could be worse than to enter content for a dozen pages only to find out that you’ve done it incorrectly? V6 allows you to preview your work as you go along. There’s less chance of a mistake from the outset.

Master content

Helpful hints

Master Content

With inline help, robust help pages and video tutorials, Point & Clique will help you turn into a CMS pro within no time! Even if you happen to make a mistake, you’ll be prompted with instructions on how to fix it—all on the fly.